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Healthy diets for all within planetary boundaries

Time for action

We now live in a world where 821 million people suffer from hunger, while more than 650 million people are obese. That’s why, at DSM, we’re fully behind healthier diets for all - within planetary boundaries. Everyone deserves the right to eat well and enjoy the benefits that good nutrition brings. Today, we’re working with everyone - from scientists and business partners, to the World Food Programme and Africa Improved Foods - to make this happen and fulfil two of the UN’s most important Sustainable Development Goals: SDG 2: Ending hunger and achieving food security and improved nutrition and SDG 3: Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages.

Enabling healthier diets

From improving food in Africa by providing plant and animal-based proteins, to reducing salt and sugar levels in food and sustainable farming methods, we’re helping to make people and the planet healthier.

Advocating healthier diets

We work with organizations across the world to shape and influence the nutrition agenda.

Tackling malnutrition

At DSM, we provide the foundation for affordable nutrition so that people with vitamin and mineral deficiencies can thrive and prosper.

Eating into food loss and waste

We’re helping to prevent the world’s colossal food loss and waste through resource-efficient production, ingenious packaging for antioxidants and animal nutrition.

Diversified proteins

We provide solutions for plant- and animal-based proteins and find new ways to produce healthy and diverse proteins to benefit farmers, consumers and the environment.

Fighting non-communicable diseases

Healthy diets are an important part of combating non-communicable diseases such as heart disease, cancer and diabetes.