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Connect with our Scientists

Tackling our defining challenges requires some very bright minds. DSM's team of bright and curious people around the world are passionate about what they do and – in the true spirit of great science – are tenacious in finding solutions to the toughest challenges.

Many of these experts, under the leadership of Dr. Marcus Remmers, DSM's Chief Technology Officer (CTO), use their cross-border knowledge of several scientific competences in their day to day work. So allow us introduce you to some of them…

Dr. Marcus Remmers

Dr. Marcus Remmers

Chief Technology Officer

Marcus' profile

Connect with our Analytical Scientists

Analytical Sciences

Connect with our Analytical Scientists.

Connect with our Biological Scientists

Biological Sciences

Connect with our Biological Scientists.

Connect with our Chemical Scientists

Chemical Sciences

Connect with our Chemical Scientists.

Connect with our Engineering Scientists

Engineering Sciences

Connect with our Engineering Scientists.

Connect with our Macromolecular Scientists

Macromolecular Sciences

Connect with our Macromolecular Scientists.

Connect with our Materials Scientists

Materials Sciences

Connect with our Materials Scientists.

Connect with our Nutritional Scientists

Nutritional Sciences

Connect with our Nutritional Scientists.