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Szabolcs Péter

Corporate Science Fellow, Human Nutrition & Health

Szabolcs Péter, Corporate Science Fellow, Human Nutrition & Health

I am currently working on...

Three main topics: first, shaping the nutrition focus of the Corporate Research Program for next year. This includes R&D competence management and budget planning, among other activities, and requires close alignment among several stakeholders. Second, leading clinical research activities for the development of novel pharmaceutical solutions with nutrients, with a particular focus on drug-nutrition interactions. Third, together with my team, providing scientific input and support for the medical nutrition segment, through which our goal is to help patients of all ages to address nutritional insufficiencies arising from diseases or disorders that prevent them from meeting their requirements via normal food.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is...

The fact that, through nutritional research and its implementation, I can help far more people than I ever could as a practicing physician. The positive public health effect one can achieve via prevention and by enabling good nutrition for everyone is tremendous. Our environment and our lifestyles are rapidly changing worldwide. We are living in an era where, with the help of advanced scientific research and development, as well as new disruptive technologies and modern communication, healthy and sustainable living is truly achievable – something that was unimaginable a couple of decades ago or, in some cases, even a few years ago.

The breakthrough I would most like to see made in my field is...

Nutrition becoming fully personalized. Currently, food is mainly mass-produced, and individual consumption choices are essentially made based on affordability, personal preferences, and the available – and sometimes unreliable or unstructured – information on health and nutrition needs. Producing more nutritious, affordable and sustainable food, and consuming it based on individual needs, is the future. Non-invasive diagnostic technologies, together with artificial-intelligence-aided consumer education, will change the way nutrition is integrated into our lifestyles and our healthcare. My dream is that one day we will be able to substantially expand the healthy lifespan of all people, by mitigating the harm of civilization-related, non-communicable diseases.

Key areas of expertise

  • Medical Doctor (MD) in General Medicine
  • PhD degree in Health Sciences (Nutritional & Lifestyle epidemiology)
  • Post-doctoral fellowship in cardiovascular physiology
  • Human nutrition, esp. vitamins and other nutrients
  • Clinical trial management in various indications, e.g. pharmacokinetics, osteoarthritis, muscle performance, infant growth and development, neuropsychopharmacology
  • Obesity prevention, metabolic syndrome, chronic stress adaptation

I represent DSM externally at

  • International Life Sciences Institute (ILSI) Europe, Brussels, Belgium
  • Top Institute Food and Nutrition (TiFN), Wageningen, The Netherlands
  • European Institute of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Food, Leuven, Belgium

Based in

Kaiseraugst, Switzerland