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Macromolecular Sciences

Process behavior & performance in final applications

Macromolecular Sciences is about controlling the synthesis and formulation of macromolecular structures in order to influence material characteristics and behavior.
Controlling the synthesis of macromolecular structures in order to influence polymer characteristics and behavior

The ultimate goal? To create materials that are better or more sustainable in terms of their performance or cost. Examples include our anti-reflective coatings developed using a templated silication process that increases the efficiency of solar modules; as well as our waterborne paint resin technology or Dyneema® Synthetic Ropes, developed from a unique combination of polyacrylic, polyurethane and polyethylene technology, respectively.

Macromolecular Sciences: Advanced areas of expertise

Our specialized know-how on the chemistry of materials that already exist includes network chemistry (cross-linking of polymers), material-biology interaction, polymer degradation and stability, and interface chemistry – all of which are pivotal in ensuring that customers further down the value chain get the functionality they want from different material classes. Also included within Macromolecular Sciences are:

  • Polycondensation
  • Polyurethanes
  • Acrylic copolymers and hybrid systems
  • Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene
Macromolecular Sciences: Influencing behavior and performance

Macromolecular Sciences: Influencing behavior and performance

Macromolecular Sciences focus on controlling polymer end groups, modality and intra-chain architecture in order to influence process behavior and performance in final applications. Since process parameters play a crucial role during the synthesis process, strong links with the Colloid & Interface, Process Technology and Materials Sciences are essential.

Macromolecular Sciences for societal benefit

The synthesis process involved in Macromolecular Sciences can sometimes lead to major scientific breakthroughs. As well as anti-reflective coatings for solar, and our fully recyclable Niaga® carpet, we also contribute to health and well-being with Macromolecular Sciences - for example the development of hydrophilic medical device coatings that benefit patients.

Macromolecular Sciences: Knowledge centers

Our key RT&D centers in this field of expertise are located in Geleen, Waalwijk and Zwolle (the Netherlands), Elgin, IL, and Wilmington, MA (U.S.) and Shanghai (China).