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Chief Technology Officer

Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Marcus Remmers, Chief Technology Officer

I am currently working on…

As CTO, it is my job to secure the technology position of DSM - now and in the future. This includes working closely with the Business Groups to ensure that DSM has the right competencies internally, as well as the right collaborations with external partners. In addition, I believe it’s important to have a clear view of our short-, mid-, and long-term innovation opportunities. I’m a polymer chemist by training, but my more recent experience lies in life sciences. This gives me a broad understanding, which I use in discussions with teams to challenge them. I’ve worked in many different countries and in various disciplines, experiencing different cultures. As a result, both from a cultural and subject matter perspective, I have a broad interest and tend to look for the big picture, taking different angles and enjoying putting things together in innovative ways.

The aspect of my work that excites and inspires me the most is…

I find DSM an incredibly inspiring company that I’m very proud to be part of. What we do as a company is truly meaningful, and the notion of sustainability is strongly engrained in our culture. I find the people at DSM are open and highly committed. But what excites me even more is the unique breadth of DSM’s capabilities. Innovation comes about when you bring different disciplines together. Within DSM, we can bring together so many different capabilities, facilitating unique cross-fertilization. Take our materials scientists applying their knowledge of flow properties and viscosity to help solve challenges in yogurt making, for example. Working at such unique interfaces is what makes DSM so special and inspiring.

The breakthrough I would most like to see made by DSM is…

Some of DSM’s initiatives I hope will lead to some major breakthroughs are the Green & Clean Ocean programs. By applying our materials and expertise, we can certainly help make our oceans - and planet - more sustainable. More generally, as we have a very broad portfolio of vitamins and nutritional supplements, I see major opportunities in terms of improving nutrition in a world where millions of children are still starving. We already have several initiatives running in Africa and India, and I believe we can make a unique contribution to the general well-being of mankind.

Key areas of expertise:

  • Life Sciences R&D
  • Materials Sciences
  • Operational R&D
  • Technology evaluation
  • Project and portfolio management
  • Global R&D and technology management

Based in:

Geleen, the Netherlands