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Animal Nutrition

Science & Technology Award

Awarded annually and open to PhD students, this award is about recognizing and rewarding excellence in innovative PhD research in the field of animal sciences. The 2019 award was presented at the annual meeting of the ASAS Midwest Section, on 13 March in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
Science & Technology Award Asia 2018

2019 theme: Animal Nutrition contributing to Sustainable Animal Farming

The theme of the 2019 award was how Animal Nutrition contributes to Sustainable Animal Farming. Nominations had to relate to PhD research dealing with topics of ruminant, pig or pet nutrition, including, but not limited to, digestion and absorption, gastro-intestinal functionality, or animal performance. Nominees were judged based on both the contribution to the theme and the quality of the scientific research.


Chan Sol Park, from the Department of Animal Science at Purdue University, received the Science & Technology Award Animal Nutrition (Americas) 2019 for his thesis about protein quality in experimental diets and amino acid digestibility in feed ingredients for pigs.

We teamed up with the American Society of Animal Science Midwest Section (ASAS). Nominations were open to current PhD students and those who had recently obtained their PhD at a university in the Americas.

The prize

The award carried a cash prize of $5,000. The three runners-up each received $1,000. On top of their prize, all the four finalists received an additional $1,000 to cover associated travel and conference registration costs.

Previous winner

In 2018, we granted the animal science award to Long Pan, from China Agricultural University in Beijing, China. Dr. Pan was recognized for the exceptional contribution of his PhD research to the field of Swine Nutrition.

Eligibility Criteria

Nominations were open to current PhD students or those who had recently obtained their PhD at a university in the Americas.

Candidates could not have defended their PhD dissertation before 1 January 2018.

The nominated work had to focus on innovative research -fundamental or applied – in the general area of Animal Nutrition contributing to Sustainable Animal Farming.

Selection and Judging

From the total number of nominations received, four candidates were selected for the final judging round that took place on 13 March 2019 at the annual meeting of the ASAS Midwest Section in Omaha, Nebraska. These four candidates were invited to present their research results in a short lecture during a special DSM - ASAS Symposium to be held at the annual meeting of the ASAS Midwest Section. A judging committee comprising members from the DSM and ASAS community selected the winner at the commencement of the symposium.


Candidates were nominated by their PhD supervisors (one nominee per supervisor). Nominations were accompanied by the following supporting documents:

  • An abstract (according to ASAS guidelines) of the candidate’s lecture topic.
  • Copies of key publications (maximum 3) in full length (not including supplementary files).
  • The candidate’s complete curriculum vitae, including GPA, publications and (expected) date of PhD defense (if not defended already).
  • An application letter where the candidate described his or her accomplishments and future goals.
  • Two letters of recommendations – one prepared by the PhD supervisor.