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Sitting pretty in furniture

From Cradle to Cradle® certified plastics for office seating, to innovative plant-based resins for solvent-free paints and revolutionary prototyping techniques, DSM is delivering smarter solutions for today's furniture market.
Coating resins that beautify and protect

Coating resins that beautify and protect

Smart design means achieving unique, lasting and functional furniture produced with cleaner, greener materials and processes and coatings formulated on DSM’s liquid or powder resins provide exactly that to in- and outdoor wooden or metal furniture. Coatings made from DSM’s resins are found on numerous everyday items such as tables, chairs, beds and many more. We also provide innovative resins for coatings that beautify and protect office furniture, shelving and garden furniture.

Our expertise in Materials Science can help in the transfer from solvent-based to sustainable water-based, powder or 100% UV curing coatings. We work continuously with the leading furniture industry coating suppliers, OEMs and designers to create new breakthroughs in coating technology - such as first-time-right powder coating of heat-sensitive substrates like MDF for example. This offers great new opportunities for furniture coaters, OEMs and designers in making a wide range of high-quality home and office furniture - including kitchen and bathroom cabinets, children’s play- and bedroom items and professional desks and accessories.

Furniture parts & components

Parts and components

Our high performance plastics do more than add strength and beauty to furniture. We focus on delivering materials with a low or neutral carbon footprint, eliminating hazardous substances and supporting recycling. DSM works with numerous leading furniture companies to promote sustainable designs that meet consumers’ growing demand for products that are better for the environment.

Designed for office chair arms, seats, backs and bases, our engineering plastics provide strength, high-impact resistance and excellent processing for injection molding, and include the first and only polyamide with a Cradle to Cradle® certification. Meanwhile, our 100% recyclable thermoplastic copolyester offers a unique combination of stiffness, elongation and creep resistance for seating and bed springs – combined with the all-important quality of comfort.

3D Printed models & furniture

From concept to reality

Dynamic designs are ever evolving in the furniture industry and product developers rely on 3D printing and high-performance prototypes to test their design concepts. As a world leader in 3D Printing material innovation, DSM’s Additive Manufacturing materials can produce high-quality customized furniture and models in days instead of weeks - or months.

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