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Animal Nutrition & Health

Animal Nutrition & Health

Providing nutritional solutions to the global and local feed industry. 



Sustainable, next-generation materials for vehicles

Building & Construction

Building & Construction

Supporting the industry with innovative resins and plastics.



Accelerating the shift to renewable energy.



Creating smarter, prettier, longer-lasting furniture (with less solvents). 

Life Protection

Life Protection

Ultra-strong and flexible materials for protective vests, helmets and vehicles

Manufacturing & Equipment

Manufacturing & Equipment

Materials and technologies that improve industrial efficiency and safety.



Ropes, lines and nets for fishing, towing, salvage, oil exploration, coatings for vessels.

Life Protection

Paint & Coatings

Waterborne, powder, UV and other coating resins for decorative paints and protective coatings.

Personal Care

Personal Care

Beauty care ingredients for skin, sun and hair.

Pharma Solutions

Pharma Solutions

Providing vitamins, carotenoids and lipids APIs to the pharmaceutical industry.

Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods

Sports, Leisure & Consumer Goods

Fibers, plastics and resins for everyday life.

Textiles & Clothing

Textiles & Clothing

Yarn, resins, plastics and fibers with a wide variety of applications.


A wide range of monomers and oligomers suitable for 100% energy-curable resins.


The Akulon product line covers a broad portfolio of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66 grades.


ALL-Q provides the full energy of Coenzyme Q10 for food supplements and fortification.


Our ALPAFLOR portfolio for naturally beautiful skin offers a full range of high performing bioactives cultivated in the Swiss mountains.


Our AMPHISOL portfolio offers a bedrock of emulsifiers for maximum formulation versatility in sun and skin care.


Arnite (PBT, PET & blends) are high-performance engineering plastics combining high strength and rigidity with excellent processing characteristics.


Arnitel thermoplastic copolyester offers a unique combination of flexibility, high temperature resistance and strength - plus excellent processing characteristics.


Bionate is recognized as a proven, industry-leading medical grade polymer for long-term use in the body.


BioSpan is a medical-grade polymer with superior mechanical characteristics that is designed to withstand high flex fatigue.

Brewers Clarex®

Brewers Clarex brewing enzyme beer stabilization technology eliminates the costly and time-consuming cold stabilization process.


Our CakeZyme range of enzymes provide a wide range of quality improvements in baked goods.


CarboSil copolymer combines silicone and polyurethane to create a material that is easy to process and is both exceptionally tough and biocompatibile.


CaroCare is a natural-origin beta-carotene for coloration and a source of vitamin A.


Our track record and over 50 years’ experience in the effective use of carotenoids is exceptional.


ComfortCoat hydrophilic lubricious coatings enhance maneuverability of catheters and patient comfort.


Our CRINA specific blends of essential oil components help deliver a better balance of gut microflora in livestock animals.


CYLACTIN® is a probiotic feed additive that stabilizes gut microflora and builds a better intestinal environment.


Our Decovery portfolio sets new standards in VOC-free, low-odour, water-based decorative paints.


Dairy culture solutions that answer the process, flavor and texture needs of cheese makers.


Our DelvoFresh portfolio of dairy cultures helps the fresh dairy producer create products that don’t compromise on performance or quality of taste and mouth feel.


Delvotest is a leading antibiotic residue testing kit for milk.

DeSolite® Supercoatings

DeSolite Supercoatings deliver outstanding field performance, microbend sensitivity, and signal reliability in even the most demanding applications.


A sustainable source of DHA to enrich animal feed.

Dyneema Purity®

Dyneema Purity fiber is a medical ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene fiber specifically tailored for use in devices or surgical systems requiring maximum strength and staying power.


Dyneema®, the world’s strongest fiber™. Dyneema is an UHMwPE fiber which is incredibly versatile with virtually limitless applications.


EcoPaXX is our bio-based, high-performance polyamide that offers outstanding performance across the board.


Elasthane is a high strength, aromatic biomedical polymer designed to add durability to devices requiring long-term implantation.


elaVida is an olive polyphenol formulation with excellent handling characteristics and application performance in supplements, foods and beverages.


The Epi-Guide Bioresorbable Barrier Matrix membrane is used in periodontal restorative surgeries and assists in the regeneration of bone and periodontal support tissues.


The natural way to eat less.


A yellow carotenoid associated with maintaining visual performance.


ForTii is a breakthrough high temperature polyamide with halogen-free flame retardant grades.

Fortitech® Premixes

Fortitech Premixes are solely dedicated to the development and manufacturing of unique nutrient premixes for customers.


Fruitflow is the first natural, scientifically substantiated solution contributing to healthy blood flow.


The non-soy isoflavone that supports bone building and helps reduce menopausal symptoms.


Vinyl acrylic copolymers with zero VOC that provide excellent adhesion to metal, corrosion resistance and low water vapor permeability. 


A vitamin D3 metabolite that provides animals with a fast track to a strong skeleton and better performance.


life’sDHA is a vegetarian source of Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) Omega-3 from algae that provides important brain, eye and heart benefits throughout life.


life’sARA is an omega-6 fatty acid that supports optimal infant brain growth and development.


life’sGLA is an omega-6 product containing gamma linolenic acid (GLA) derived from evening primrose or borage oils.


life’sOMEGA is a vegetarian source of EPA/DHA omega-3 from algae that provides important heart health benefits.


Maxilact is our neutral lactase enzyme for lactose-free dairy products that taste great while containing up to 20% less sugar.


Maxiren is a range of fermentation produced 100% pure chymosin delivering high yields and consistent quality for all cheese.

Medeor® Matrix

Medeor Matrix is a surgical porcine dermis extracellular matrix for soft tissue repair applications requiring both robustness and pliability.


DSM's MEG-3 branded ingredients offer high quality, odor-free, tasteless Omega-3 EPA/DHA from fish oil.

Meso BioMatrix®

Meso BioMatrix Surgical Mesh is a strong, thin and conformable acellular scaffold used to reinforce soft tissue in plastic and reconstructive surgery.


Multirome 100% natural yeast extracts offer a perfect combination of rich indulgent savory, umami flavor in one.


Waterborne acrylic resins used in surface coatings, inks and graphic arts applications.


Alkyd- and acrylic urethane hybrids that outperform comparable blended systems. 


Waterbased energy-curable resins and 100% energy-curable resins for coatings and graphic arts applications.


Waterborne and solventborne urethane resins that give tough finishings for wooden floors or luxury feel and color enhancement for printed packaging.


Niaga technology enables the elimination of carpet waste.


Novamid polyamide grades offer performance that goes way beyond the standard ranges of polyamide 6 and polyamide 66.


Numerous clinical studies have substantiated the various health benefits of OatWell oat beta-glucan in human nutrition.

OPTISHARP® Zeaxanthin

DSM's OPTISHARP is a source of the yellow carotenoid Zeaxanthin associated with maintaining visual performance.


DSM's proprietary OPTRIX technology processes porcine derived tissues, resulting in biologic surgical grafts used to reinforce and repair soft tissue defects.


The OsseoFit Bone Void Filler Device provides a stable platform for cellular in-growth that will ultimately be replaced by bone during the healing process.


With Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN), animals are healthier and produce more – meaning better returns for farmers.


Pack-Age is a packaging solution for naturally ripening cheese. A moisture permeable, breathable membrane allows cheese to ripen naturally, without the risk of mould and yeast growth.


Panamore baking enzymes unlock more consistent bread quality with a soft, bouncy texture, high oven spring and improved crust appearance and reduces costs by up to 70%.


The PARSOL portfolio offers a broad range of high performing UV-A and UV-B filters for skin and hair applications.


The performance peptide for providing maximum performance and faster recovery.


PurSil is a strong yet flexible copolymer with proven biocompatibility and biostability.


As an intense pigment, Beta-carotene finds widespread use as a colorant in food, beverage and pharmaceutical applications.


Rapidase is the most established and versatile enzyme brand in the fruit and vegetable processing industry, from boosting yield to depectinzation to improving texture, firmness and color.

redivivo® Lycopene

DSM's redivivo Lycopene is a nature-identical lycopene, which protects our body from free radicals that can damage cells.


The purest form of resveratrol, an antioxidant in red wine that helps support cardiovascular health.


RONOZYME is the industry’s broadest range of feed enzymes. We are delivering innovative solutions developed to meet the challenges of global livestock production.


We have great expertise in producing vitamins to meet the needs of our customers. The ROVIMIX name is a proven way of providing outstanding vitamin nutrition.


A series of coating resins that enhance a key element for graphic and packaging design; touch.


Formulated waterborne polyurethane resins for functional textiles.


Prototypes made from Somos stereolithography resins are delivered with speed and accuracy.


Stanyl high-performance polyamide 46 for demanding applications in which superior heat resistance, design stiffness, wear & friction and process flow qualities are required.


The SYN-Peptides range is proven to be highly effective in the fight against the effects of ageing on skin.


Our tailored, high quality TILAMAR polymers deliver outstanding hair care and styling benefits.

Tolerase® G

DSM’s unique enzyme Tolerase® G helps digest gluten and support your life style.

Tolerase™ L

Tolerase L, used in dietary supplements for lactose intolerant people, is an acid lactase that converts lactose into glucose and galactose.


Waterborne alkyds and waterborne polyesters. The waterborne alkyds are up to 90% based on renewable resources.


Solid and solventborne polyester resins for powder, can and coil coatings.

Uralac® Ultra

A first-time-right powder coating for heat-sensitive substrates such as MDF.


VALVANCE is a range of sensory and visual modifiers for skin and sun care.


Xytron is high performance plastics compound based on PPS with outstanding properties contributing to an excellent performance for many different applications.