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Whether you're looking for a change, or you're on the first step of the ladder, we offer careers in a wide range of disciplines.

Demand & Supply Chain Management

Are you primed for the challenge of helping orchestrate the global operations of a major manufacturer? Could you find better, greener, and faster ways to get products from factories to customers? Would you be able to help our supply organization influence everything from sales to brand equity? If so, we might have the career for you…

Supply chain management is going to play an very important role in our strategy to conduct 50% of our business outside of Western Europe. Think optimizing the asset footprint, decreasing operating working capital, developing new business models and increasing supply chain agility. Without a doubt, the ability to optimize the supply chain from financial, environmental and volume perspectives will ultimately help determine our success.

We have a wide range of supply chain management roles worldwide, from the graduate level through to senior executives. Your responsibilities will depend on the business you work for and your level of experience, but it’s safe to say that wherever you work in DSM you’ll be making a difference.

Engineering & Manufacturing

When it comes to engineering, DSM is right up there with the world’s best. We’re strong in innovation and sustainability - two terms that are becoming indistinguishable rather than mutually exclusive. And we need more bright people to help us keep striving for excellence. Are you one of them?

Engineering and manufacturing form the bedrock of our company. We invent things. We make things. We produce things. And we get them - through our customers - into the hands of the world-at-large. Everyday our engineers and manufacturing professionals contribute to a more sustainable world. A world that makes people’s lives that little bit easier and reduces our collective impact on the increasingly fragile planet on which we all live.

We work to consistent, global standards - wherever in the world you happen to be based, from processing and manufacturing to health and safety. And of course, like any innovator – someone who actually makes the product rather than just packages it – we need to move and improve as fast as the world around us. Are you thinking what we’re thinking?

Finance & Control

Not to put too fine a point on it, but our Finance and Control professionals own their businesses in a way that other companies don’t – or can’t – allow. This autonomy and integration with the heart of business strategy is what makes finance at DSM such a compelling career…

If you work in finance you already know the hard skills required (yes, you need to be good with numbers). However, at DSM, it’s the soft skills that separate the good from the great. Think of people management, procurement, and sales and marketing. You’ll also need to be pretty convincing - strong enough to persuade others in the company that your perspective is the right way forward. If you have all that, you’ll enjoy finance at DSM.

Our company is expanding across the globe. Finance is therefore a profession within DSM where – if you want to – you can live overseas and experience different cultures. And everywhere we operate, finance is so important to us that we’ve got a dedicated leadership team that specializes in the discipline. If you want to play in the big leagues…now is your chance.

Human Resources

We work in ever more diverse markets and locations, and we will thrive with the right people, culture and processes. As a company and as individuals we set ambitious goals that push us forward. We are committed to bringing ideas into reality to enhance performance. We are accountable for producing results that fulfill our promises to ourselves as well as our customers, partners, shareholders and the global community. We are trusted to deliver. HR is responsible for developing and maintaining these qualities. As such, it is a key partner to the DSM businesses, helping them to realize their ambitions.

HR plays an important role at DSM because performance management is now so ingrained in the business. In fact, one of our biggest personal development projects every year is a performance management review that covers communicating and implementing competence models, organizing performance reviews, improving line management’s performance review skills, and more.

Of course it’s a given that any HR professional is a great communicator, but we’ll say it again. In an organization like ours, the ability to share and learn from each other across different functions, countries and business clusters often determines success. This means that the ability to facilitate communication and support a knowledge culture is a huge advantage. Does this sound like you?

Global Information Services (ICT)

The world is moving and changing faster than ever before – and so are we. DSM is one of the world’s most innovative companies in our sector. Which means we need experts like you to make sure our Global Information Services (GiS) strategy and systems keep up with the pace.

DSM's GiS department has a massive portfolio. We provide smart information and communication services for the whole of DSM and its units. We’re always looking for game-changing innovations; and increasingly they come via technologies – which in turn enable us to steer, develop, and adapt the organization to compete around the world.

DSM's ICT department has offices in places like China, Singapore, India, and the United States. Joining us means you’ll have every opportunity to work with people in different countries and with different cultures and grow and learn from both. And the learning doesn’t stop there. We provide all our professionals with extensive training, working – naturally – with the latest technologies and platforms. Increasingly it’s about aligning technology with wider business strategy. We always invest in innovative solutions, and these are embraced and stimulated. Ultimately our department has a huge impact on the whole organization. Are you up for this challenge?

Marketing & Sales

Are you a sales and marketing professional? Do you want to work for a company that you can truly be proud of – and where taking the unusual route is the norm? If so, we might have the career for you…

There’s very little point in having world-class science and engineering unless you know how to sell it. We’re finding that marketing and sales is increasingly at the heart of everything we do as we move from an era of product-focus to one of customer-centricity and market focus.

When you work in marketing and sales, you don’t need to be perfect at what you do (after all, there’s always room for improvement). But you must be keen to learn. Technology in particular is playing a bigger role in our business, from Customer Relationship Management to Twitter. This means that marketing and sales now touches every corner of our company – from R&D to the supply chain to human resources – so communication and relationship building is key.

Production & Maintenance

If you work in production and maintenance, then you already know the critical role these areas play in getting products into the hands of customers. If you don’t…perhaps you should read on. And if you like what you see, then we might have the career for you…

Production and maintenance cover a wide range of opportunities at our sites around the world. Roles include everything from ensuring that we deliver quality products on time and in the right quantities, to the regular maintenance that keeps our plants operating at maximum efficiency while meeting our environmental, health and safety goals.

The qualifications and experience we require will depend on the role in question, but once you’re at DSM it’s up to you where you go from there. We want people who take an active interest in their work, rather those who just ‘turn up.’ Driven individuals who suggest improvements. Point out problems. Take responsibility. People who look out for their colleagues and ensure that DSM is an efficient, safe and healthy place to work. We believe in providing people with genuine careers paths, and we’re proud of having given so many people the opportunity to grow. Don’t you deserve this opportunity too?


Are you a good negotiator? Are you a smart decision-maker? Are you persuasive? Do you have an eye for detail – and the big picture? Do you believe in doing what’s right for people and our planet? If so, we might have the career for you… Being a purchasing professional at DSM is as exciting as it is complex. DSM's diverse markets both incorporate and create a complex eco-system. Think internal and external relationships, sustainability, globalization, cross-business economies of scale and more.

We offer a wide range of purchasing roles worldwide, from the graduate level right through to senior executives. Pretty much all of our purchasing roles involve developing, implementing or following a sourcing strategy and maintaining the relevant relationships with suppliers. This means you’ll be involved in everything from supplier segmentation and risk assessments to supporting supplier innovation and ensuring a smooth Purchase-to-Pay process.

You could be working with cross-functional sourcing and supplier development teams, or you might help us define our ever evolving purchasing methodologies and tools.

Research & Development

Research and development is where it all starts. We use our unique Bright Science - developed over the past 110 years - to create new solutions that enable brighter living for mankind. We do it by focusing our unique combination of scientific competences on the defining challenges facing our world in the fields of Nutrition & Health, Climate & Energy and Resources & Circularity.

These days, R&D at DSM is less about people in labs wearing coats, and more about people reaching out. We reach out within DSM and beyond our walls, to work with everyone from university alumni contacts, social networks and our end markets, all in the effort to find the next breakthrough (or make the current one better) and to match our customer needs.

And breakthroughs don’t get any bigger than those on our list: Regenerative medicine, hybrid and electric cars, bio-fuels, bio-foods, bio-pharmaceuticals…there’s a lot to get done. Sound interesting?

Sustainability & Quality

If you become involved in sustainability and quality at DSM, you’re going to be at the center of our organization. If you work in health and safety, we want to know what else we can do to safeguard the 20,000+ members of our family.

Instead of just using sustainability as a tool for making a responsible contribution to society, we’ve gone a step further and have placed it right at the very center of our business strategy. We see this as a logical consequence of our leadership in sustainability. 

If you work in quality, you know that it’s a pre-requisite of doing business at a global level – and that the increasing fragmentation and diversification of markets makes this a complex and demanding task. The bottom line is this: If we are to maintain our global leadership position, we need to live up to the very highest of standards. In terms of health and safety, with tens of thousands of people to look after worldwide, we offer a diverse and exciting career that will give you the latitude you need to craft health and safety policies as well as implement them. Would you like to help us?

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