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Pharma & Bulk Chemicals

In recent years DSM established a number of partnerships for its Pharma and Bulk Chemicals activities in order to streamline and simplify its core portfolio in Nutrition and Materials. These partnerships have been created with a view to ultimately exiting these businesses and DSM expects to extract significant value from them in the future.
DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals' website

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals

DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals is a global leader in generic anti-infective molecules formed in 2011 as a 50/50 joint venture between DSM and Sinochem. DSM Sinochem Pharmaceuticals develops, produces and sells intermediates and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) as well as finished dosage. It is at the forefront of technological and process developments for anti-infectives and cholesterol-lowering molecules, using environmentally-friendly production technologies based on biotechnology.


In July 2015 DSM formed ChemicaInvest, a new joint venture with CVC Capital Partners. ChemicaInvest is a global leader in the production and supply of caprolactam and the leading European supplier of acrylonitrile and composite resins. DSM owns 35% of ChemicaInvest which has three business units:

Aliancys' website

Aliancys (composite resins)

Aliancys provides quality resins for composites applications in markets including building & infrastructure, industrial, marine & offshore, transportation, relining/CIPP and wind.

AnQore's website

AnQore (acrylonitrile)

In addition to acrylonitrile AnQore also supplies hydrogen cyanide, acetonitrile, sodium cyanide, diaminobutane (DAB) and pyrrolidine (PRD).

Fibrant's website

Fibrant (caprolactam)

Fibrant supplies caprolactam as well as ammonium sulphate, cyclohexanone, oil stripper bottom (OSB) and CO2. On 17 May 2018 the proposed sale of Fibrant to Highsun Holdings Group Ltd. was announced.