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DSM Advanced Solar

Solar technologies

In the race to develop more profitable solar power our family of material solutions for photovoltaic (PV) modules (from coatings to backsheets) empower you to deliver better solar efficiency for longer, benefitting people, planet – and profit. Same sun. More power.™

DSM Advanced Solar is one of three Emerging Business Areas (EBAs) within the DSM Innovation Center. It was originally called DSM Advanced Surfaces with a strong focus on smart coatings, but it soon became clear that solar applications represented a huge opportunity. We therefore refocused our energies based on one simple ambition: to create coatings that lower the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) of solar modules and ultimately help ensure clean solar energy for all.

The flagship product from DSM Advanced Solar is an Anti-Reflective coating for solar glass that delivers a 3% power gain compared to non-coated glass. Today, this technology is enabling more than two hundred million solar panels to capture more of the sun’s power.

And for hot, dry environments we have now built on this innovation to create an Anti-Soiling coating with the same reflective properties and power-gain benefits - while being easier and more cost-effective to clean and maintain for solar farms in desert-like conditions.

Global solar innovation

Our solar innovation is supported by two major Research & Technology Development Centers in Europe and China respectively, as well as production facilities in both regions.  The business also has a major test site in India and further offices in Japan and the United States.

The material science experts around the world work with each other and their wider DSM colleagues, and also with a wide range of third parties, academic institutions and partners - all aimed at identifying and developing new PV technologies and innovations that lower LCOE.

Just one such example of this is our development of Endurance backsheets with the Suzhou Sunshine New Materials Technology Co - now part of the DSM family. These unique backsheets for PV modules are 100% recyclable with a 30% lower carbon footprint than traditional equivalents - and all while delivering maximum protection and long-term power gain.

Same sun. More power. ™

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